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[Next On] “American Horror Story: Aslylum” Episode 2.09 “The Coat Hanger”

FX has just wrapped another episode of “American Horror Story: Asylum”, thus we have a promo for episode 2.09 “The Coat Hanger,” which airs December 12.

In the episode, “The Monsignor takes an unlikely convert under his wing. Lana secures a new piece of evidence that can exonerate Kit. Dr. Arden witnesses a miraculous return.” Written by Jennifer Salt; directed by Jeremy Podeswa.

Watch the episode below and talk about what you thought of tonight’s episode. Ho-ho-ho!



  • Zombie-Killa

    Great episode last night! Watching it on Christmas day or eve would’ve made it better, and Ian McShane was fantastic as Santa. Ugh, judging by what I saw last night, McShane would’ve been the PERFECT Santa for the Silent Night, Deadly Night films (or the remake), but we’ll never know for sure 🙁

    Sister Mary Eunice is becoming more cynical and evil with each episode, and Lily Rabe continues to excel each week with a better performance. The previews of Sister Jude strapped in as a patient were unreal, but I still believe Jude will find a way to take control of Briarcliff again. It’s funny, because Jude started as the real villain, but Eunice has taken control of the primary antagonist spot. Those flashbacks of Jude’s past as an alcoholic created a lot of sympathy for her character. Well, for me at least.

    And Zachary Quinto seemed like a good guy at first, but he slowly emerged as a sick and twisted freak. But a part of me still doesn’t believe he’s the real BloodyFace. I dunno. I just sense a twist coming somewhere down the line.

    Oh, and Dr. Arden’s backstory for Mary Eunice’s ruby earrings….wow. Just wow. We’ve heard a lot of disturbing and disgusting stuff on AHSA, but the backstory for those earrings was unreal.

    Can’t wait until next week!

  • Mr_Darko

    Another great episode. Think they are doing a great job considering the 3 or 4 story-lines they’re juggling.

    Just realized today the only three shows I watch weekly are the three BD covers; AHS: A, Dexter and the Walking Dead.

  • Aaron Emery

    It just keeps getting better every week! I am surprised at how invested I am in these characters. I don’t think Sister Jude really started as a “villain” I believe that she has always done what he thought was right, which in those times was exactly what she’s done. My heart really breaks for Lana and recently Kit has really grown on me. The scene with him and Alma/ Grace was both beautiful and heartbreaking. I’m not sure the three of them surviving will really be a “happy” ending, but it’s the ending I want.

  • I was actively hoping Dylan McDermott would come back to American Horror Story. And lookie there. I tell you all, it’s a f*&$ing Christ Miracle!

  • djblack1313

    i just wish Dylan & Murphy didn’t spoil who Dylan is playing this season. i haven’t watched the above video (i like to be as surprised as possible) but Dylan & Murphy have tweeted about Dylan’s part on this season and then people come on forum sites telling everyone who he’s playing. lol. oh well. i still love the show. 🙂

    but yeah, great ep last night!

    • You know the odd thing? I’ve never had a Twitter account. Nor will I ever get one.

      In fact, I had to be shamed by family, my fianc’e, her family, and the few select friends I admit to having (rest I just call acquaintances) before I got a Facebook. Does it leave me out of the know? Yeah, I can see how it does. But it feels that much better when I find out about it later instead of in 160 characters 😀

      • CorbinRaven

        djblack1313 I have a feeling that this spoiler may be a trick. Ryan Murphy has been known to trick audiences with tweets and announcements. I still think the 2012 Bloody Face looks very feminine so I’m thinking there are 3 possibilities
        A) Dylan is not the only Bloody Face
        B.) Dylan is a substitute for the actual Bloody Face
        C.) Dylan is the actual Bloody Face
        Either way, I sort of knew he would be before they announced it because when they started the episode with the 911 phone call I immediately recognized Dylan’s voice.

        Anyway I ADORED this episode! Easily my favorite this season!

  • Joe-Banger

    I liked last nights episode but I dont remember Ian Mcshanes character being in this seasons past episodes before last night. I thought the episode where the psychiatrist was revealed as bloody face was the high point of this season! Every episode after was good or ok. I cant believe as a horror fan I never got into seaon one of this show! I better go see a psychiatryst myself! lol. Looking forward to next wednesday!

  • Mr.Mirage

    Briarcliff is the Abyss. When you gaze in, it gazes back. It does not blink. I cannot conceive of this thing going further off the rails than it has, and anticipate being at a brick n mortar the day season 2 is released on disc.

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