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My Bloody Valentine’s Debbie Googe Gives Update On New Album

It’s been over twenty years since My Bloody Valentine released the legendary Loveless album and fans have been eagerly awaiting the follow up ever since. Now, bassist Debbie Googe has spoken to Drowned In Sound regarding the new album. She states, “It will definitely come out as it’s pretty much finished. I mean, it’s impossible to talk about time with Kevin, but in terms of percentage wise, he’s got one more track he wants to do then that’s it. Everything else is recorded.

When asked what the new material sounds like, Googe responded, “I’ve heard more of the new Primal Scream record than I have the new My Bloody Valentine one!“, adding, “…most of it is stuff Kevin has done, certainly guitar wise. It’s been a long process you know. The drums have been added then taken off at least once. His brother did them at one point, then Colm (O’Ciosoig) came in and redid them. There’s some things Kevin can’t do like the drums of Bilinda’s (Butcher) vocals but everything else he can, and I’m certainly happy for him to do that.

Alright MBV fans, who’s excited to hear some new music?

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