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VGA 2012: ‘The Phantom Pain’ Revealed, A Brand New Game That Looks Like A Horror Thriller

The Spike VGAs are here, and as expected, there are plenty of exclusive world premieres to be had. The most surprising announcement was that of a new IP, which looks like a horror thriller from a developer (Moby Dick Studios) that I’ve never heard of. For the entirety of the trailer, or at least until the game’s title was finally revealed, I thought it was a new installment in the Metal Gear series. Thankfully, it’s not — not that that wouldn’t be a bad thing, it’s just that we have two of those on the way already. The game is called The Phantom Pain, and it follows a guy who, when viewed from the back, looks alarmingly similar to Solid Snake.

This poor sap wakes up in a hospital with a prosthetic arm, he’s having trouble walking, and none of this is helped by the fact that the hospital is burning down around him and there are armed men killing people left and right. He also seems to be suffering from some serious hallucinations, including one that features a fiery hell unicorn. Yeah, you read that correctly: I said a fiery hell unicorn. Unfortunately, most of the game trailers that premiered at the VGAs look to have been pulled, so I’ll update as soon as the trailer goes live online!

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