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80’s Slasher Film Inspired ‘Sanitarium Massacre’ Represents Everything I Love About Indie Horror Games



There really aren’t enough slasher games. We’ve seen a few, like Manhunt, Naughty Bear, and the upcoming Until Dawn — or if you want to go way back I suppose you could also include games based on The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Friday the 13th, and Halloween — but the slasher subgenre that’s so prevalent in films has never managed to find an audience in video games. For some reason, it seems many people don’t find the idea of hunting down and murdering innocents as intriguing as I do. This is why I love indie games, because nothing is off limits.

Pig Farmer Games is looking to satisfy this niche with Sanitarium Massacre, an indie horror game that promises to give us the glorious opportunity to step into the shoes of a guy who looks alarmingly similar to Michael Myers so we can get real stab-happy on people who probably don’t deserve it. More, including a deliciously Grindhouse-esque trailer, after the break.

In 1978, the same year Michael Myers decided he wasn’t a fan of babysitters, a serial killer (you) was caught by the police and locked in an asylum. Because he’s a serial killer, he eventually escapes and angrily starts to murder everything that’s unfortunate enough to get in his way. It’s a stealth game, so you’ll be stalking the hospital staff from the shadows and if anyone notices you you’ll need to end them before they call the police. I’m especially fond of how he walks toward his prey. Serial killers don’t run, they walk, and that makes everything so much creepier.

There will also be special DVD and VHS video modes that sound like filters to give it that genuine, crusty old rental look.

Sanitarium Massacre releases next year on PC, and you can be damn sure I’ll be playing this when it comes out. I so desperately need to get my stab on (please don’t examine that statement too closely). If you like what you see, you should definitely check out the developer’s website.

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