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Snyder And Paquette Leaving ‘Swamp Thing’ With Issue #18

Say it ain’t so! The creative team of Scott Snyder and Yanick Paquette, responsible for the New 52 recreation of Swamp Thing, are taking leave from the book as of issue #18. Following all the drama surrounding Gail Simone leaving “Batgirl”, due to creative differences with her editor, Snyder announced he would be resigning writing duties on “Swamp Thing”. However, unlike Simone’s situation, Snyder simply seems to have taken too much on his plate with his upcoming Superman book set to begin in the new year. Paquette has yet to announce his next project.

“To be 100% clear: [Paquette] and I have been planning this ending — both an ending for us as creators on the book, and for the storyline we started way back in issue #1 — for a long time,” Snyder wrote on Twitter. “Even before we signed on to do Swampy, we both knew it would be a limited run, as we had other projects in the pipeline we knew would eventually come to pass. But the chance to do ‘Swamp Thing,’ to bring back a character we’ve both loved dearly since childhood, was just too thrilling to turn down.”

He continued, “That said, we both ended up staying longer than we’d planned, too, out of love of the character, love for the story we were getting to tell, love for our team, and above all, out of love and gratitude for you guys, the fans who’ve helped us do something here that many people said was impossible — make ‘Swamp Thing’ a viable book in the DCU. For that, all of us on team Swampy will be forever grateful to you guys.”

DC’s has not announced the new “Swamp Thing” creative team.




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