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[TV] “Dexter” Pre-Season Finale Shatters Records

The one-two punch of “Dexter” and “Homeland” continues to deliver record-breaking ratings for Showtime on Sunday nights, as their penultimate episodes for the season delivered both series’ highest ratings ever. The “Dexter” season seven and “Homeland” season two finales air this Sunday night from 9 to 11 p.m. ET/PT.

“Dexter” delivered 2.6 million viewers at 9 p.m., attracting the biggest audience ever for a Showtime original series, as well as the best total night delivery ever for a Showtime series with 3.08 million total viewers, topping the long-held record of the series’ season four finale on 12/13/2009 (vs. 2.57 million at 9 p.m. and vs. 3.05 million for the night). Sunday’s episode is not only the series’ highest-rated episode in three years, but is also up 25 percent from the prior week (vs. 2.1 million at 9 p.m., and 2.6 million for the night – up 17 percent).

Season-to-date, the seventh season of “Dexter” is averaging 6.1 million total weekly viewers across platforms, its highest rated season ever, and up 12 percent above its prior season through the same time frame.

While I personally have enjoyed this season, I found this past Sunday’s episode to be a mid melodramatic, almost Soap Opera-like.



  • goasklucy

    I’m completely split this season. I believe the progression of Dexter’s character has been absolutely phenomenal. The self realizations, feelings of remorse, breaking the code, EVERYTHING with Deb, have all been some of the best writing yet.

    HOWEVER, I absolutely despise the handling of some of the sub plots. The entire Laguerta Matthews thing has been so rushed and scattered, it feels like they were unsure whether or not to include it until half way through shooting. The scene where they’re at the Chinese restaurant end with Matthews saying something like “I wonder something something Dexter” (paraphrasing here), where it then cuts to them talking elsewhere and Matthews ANSWERS THE QUESTION HE JUST ASKED… I actually laughed out loud.

    Overall, digging it. Can’t wait to see how they wrap the series up.

  • evilfairydust

    I wonder if the ratings bump had anything to do with the fact that the Walking Dead mid-season finale was last week. We usually watch TWD live and DVR Dexter. Since TWD is over, we watched Dexter live this week…I bet we weren’t the only ones!

  • ThunderDragoon

    I’m so damn happy for Dexter! It definitely deserves it. 😀

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