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[Random Cool] See “The Walking Dead” Characters Animated!

Deviant artist mirandaareli had a little fun with our “Walking Dead” survivors and re-imagined them as animated characters using some Disney classics!

Daryl Dixon is Sinbad

Andrea is Helga, Glenn Rhee is Mulan, Rick is John Rolfe, Maggie is Anastasia, Shane is Tulio, Carol is The Dowager Empress Marie, Carl is Jim Hawkins, Lori is Kayley, T is Dog is Dr.Sweet, Sophia is Jane, Dale is Vladimir, Hershel is Dymas and Beth is Arista.

AMC’s “The Walking Dead” is on break until February where the gang will battle the evil one-eyed Governor.



  • Even when animated Maggie still is the hottest of the bunch.

    • HorrorManiac666

      I don’t know Dale is pretty hot.

      • Beezle2112

        Dale looks like he should have pick axe and going ‘Where the f*** is Snow?’.

        • HorrorManiac666

          Maybe there was a secret 8th dwarf. lol

        • yesTHATCourtney

          Cause at some point he was either a dwarf or a grandfatherly type. I can’t tell who he is, but they’re all either Disney or Dreamworks Characters. Cute, though.

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