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Garth Ennis’s ‘Judge Dredd’ Work Collected For The First Time In North America

Garth Ennis, the mastermind writer behind titles such as “Preacher”, “The Boys”, and “Punisher Max”, got his start big start writing Judge Dredd stories at 2000AD throughout the early 90s. For the first time 2000AD is publishing Ennis’ best “Dredd” works in one massive, bloody volume for North American readers. The book is available for order now in both Canada and the U.S.

“It includes his first work with future Preacher collaborator Steve Dillon – The Emerald Isle. This viciously satirical take on modern perceptions of Ennis’ homeland sees Dredd head across the Atlantic to an Ireland turned into a country-sized theme park. He must tackle a band of terrorists fighting against this cultural vandalism – whose guns fire deadly potatoes!

There’s also Raider – regularly name-checked by Karl Urban as inspiration for his portrayal of the lawman in DREDD 3D – with moody art by industry legend John Burns and the return of Dredd’s first ever arrestee.

There’s also the hilarious Almighty Dredd, drawn by Halo Jones artist Ian Gibson, in which Dredd investigates on a cult that worships him as a god!

Out now in the US and Canada, the Garth Ennis Collection is a great introduction to Ennis’ early work and the world of Dredd!”



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