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[Next On] “American Horror Story: Asylum” Episode 2.10 “The Name Game”

FX has just wrapped another episode of American Horror Story: Asylum,” taking us into break until 2013! Below we have the promo for next year’s return, episode 0.10 “The Name Game.” What’s next for Bloody Face and the alien invasion? Find out soon!

In the episode airing Wednesday, January 2 on FX, “The Monsignor confronts the Devil. Dr. Arden’s experiments reach a shocking conclusion. Dr. Thredson facilitates a surprising reunion for Kit.” Written by Jessica Sharzer; directed by Michael Lehmann.

Watch the episode below and talk about what you thought of tonight’s episode.



  • Zombie-Killa

    Another enjoyable episode last night, and the cliffhangers were just perfect, and to make things better, it looks like Ian McShane is going to stick around!!! I still believe Sister Jude will find a way to take control of the Asylum again. Monsignor Howard is CLEARLY reaching out to Jude in the video promo, and after the failed baptism, he’s looking for help. Sister Mary Eunice’s diabolical plan is starting to crumble, and I can’t wait until Jan. 2!!!!!!!

    But the hiatus is going to KILL me. American Horror Story: Asylum and The Walking Dead are the only current television shows I follow/pay attention to. Everything else I watch is re-runs. Fuck man, no Walking Dead or AHSA until 2013. Ugh, it’s going to be excruciating!

  • K-Dogg

    Another awesome episode, this show absolutely rules !!! Hey BD readers, I would like your thoughts on this subject please. Firstly, know this, I LOVE this show, so this is not crapping on anything we’ve seen to this day. However, I think season 3 should be with an all new cast. I say this as I think Cromwell and Lange are amazing, but my problem is, we will always piece things together with certain cast members who “haven’t shown up yet” , like the modern day bloodyface. I think season 3 needs an all new cast. Thoughts???

    • Mr.Mirage

      While I can understand your concerns, K-Dogg, I like the use of the “cast” in differing roles. It allows the thespians a full range of emotion. For this season, actors that held a larger center are now moved to the sidelines and vice versa. That makes it interesting, but also moves me to the hope of seeing the current players moved more to the sides and let others or newer move to the fore for the next season…

      Frankly, the more I have watched, the more I hope season three is season 2B.

  • Joe-Banger

    I hear you K-Dogg. It would get a little boring with the same old actors every season. Mr. Mirage made some good points too. Last nights episode is my new second favorite season 2 episode! The first is when bloody face was revealed as Oliver the psychiatrist! Im not worried about season 3 just yet, we still need season 2 to be finished with a great mind blowing ending! I love the idea of season 3 happening during the Salem witch trials!

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