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[Exclusive] Weekend Nachos Song Premiere + Contest

It is no secret the love I have for the Nightmare On Elm Street series. I’t also no secret how much I love power-violence. It brings a tear to my eye that I can bring not only one of the funniest interviews ever but also Weekend Nachos‘ new song “Watch You Suffer” and a pretty awesome contest. Past the break a389 Records owner/former Domenic Romeo interviews Weekend Nachos’ frontman John Caution covering all things A Nightmare On Elm Street including his ‘Dream Lineup’ of Weekend Nachos featuring characters from the Nightmare On Elm Street series. And in addition to that we have a very awesome contest where you have the chance to win a test press of Weekend Nachos’ new 7″ Watch You Suffer. Enjoy!

Domenic Romeo: What makes the Nightmare On Elm Street films better than any other horror series?
John Caution: The thing that makes Nightmare On Elm Street so unique is that each film has a different climate to it. Whereas, all of the Friday the 13th and all of the Halloween (minus Part 3, obviously) movies have the same feel to them. You pretty much know what you’re going to get with them. With Nightmare, you see the series progress as the 80’s progress.
It’s weird but keeps things interesting, fun and entertaining. The characters and settings of each movie have personality in a way that makes them memorable and exclusive to the film they are in. It’s a very colorful series in many ways.

DR: I agree. Growing up with those movies, I always loved that you never knew what to expect. You knew Freddy was going to kill people in their dreams, but other than that… the door was wide open. Which do you think the best installment of the series?
JC: It’s hard to say which one is the BEST because they’re all special in their own way. My favorite is part 6 (Freddy’s Dead). When I watch it, it always reminds me of the first time watching it, which is the feeling I like most.
A possible explanation for this is because I got into the Freddy movies right as Part 6 was coming out. I was anticipating something fresh and new as opposed to movies that I had to get into in order to catch up.
I remember walking past the framed movie poster for part 6, which just had Freddy’s glove and hat against a white background with “BORN NOVEMBER 2, 1984” and “DIES SEPTEMBER 13, 1991” above it. I asked my Mom if I could see it in the theater at the mall we were at, and she said ‘No way’. I replied ‘But you let me rent the other ones!’, and she said “Yeah, but that’s different”. No, it wasn’t different; parents are just inconsistent and insane with their rules, I think next time I see my mom, I’m going to bring this up and see what she has to say about it 21 years later.

DR: Makes me think of the awesome huge cardboard cutout my local video store had when Part 3 came out. I used go there every day when school was out, and stare at it while looking at all the video boxes.

Freddy’s best and worst one liners?
JC: Immediately the worst one that comes to mind is in part 6 when Freddy says, ‘It might be your dream…but it’s my RULES!!!’ There are a billion cheesy parts throughout the entire series, but that line makes me cringe every time. It’s just not clever or funny at all.
Freddy’s best work comes in comedic form. I think his best line is also in part 6 when he says, ‘Nice HEARIN from ya, Carlos!’. When you put it in context together with the fact that he just caught Carlos’ hearing aid after exploding his head off, it really is genius beyond genius. Making light of someone’s death while simultaneously making fun of their disability is obviously something that only a professional would come up with. And for that, Freddy deserves recognition.

DR: Haha I’m big on the scene in part 5 when he shows up as the school nurse ‘Well it ain’t Dr. Suess!’. I also like when he wears a tuxedo (which surprisingly happens a few times in the series). He also made some great entrances! Like part six’s nod to ‘Wizard Of Oz’ where he’s flying on a broom like the wicked witch of the west!
JC: The Dr. Suess quote is actually in Part 4 when Dan wakes up in the emergency room after getting in the truck accident, not Part 5. The best entrance, in my opinion, is in part 4. Freddy’s bones, blood, muscles and tissue all re-form themselves into his body enabling him to come back to life and kill Kincaid in the junkyard. I just think that entire sequence is untouchable. To this day when I watch that part, I think “this is fucking awesome” while it’s happening. This entrance is closely tied with the waterbed scene that immediately follows it in the same film. You think it’s a hot naked chick under the water…then all of a sudden she mysteriously swims away and comes back as Freddy Krueger with another incredible one liner that I won’t even specify at this time. Worst entrance? I don’t know. They’re all awesome. I never really disliked any of them. I’m sorry but I can’t answer this part of the question.

DR: I can’t think of a bad entrance either. Although I always thought Kincaid’s dog peeing on his grave was a weak way resurrect Freddy. Total cop out, whereas using the unborn child’s dream in 5 was pure genius. But the scene where Kincaid is trapped in the junkyard with cars piled up to the sky was pretty awesome. What do you think was the best/worst way they killed Freddy?
JC: I highly disagree with you about it being weak and I also think you missed the point of the dog peeing on his grave…it’s not a COP OUT. It’s illustrative of the fact that anything can happen in Freddy’s dream land. Kincaid’s dog is going to pee on that grave site and open it up with fire because Freddy is going to fuck with Kincaid right up until he’s ready to kill the poor bastard. Freddy is controlling that whole sequence just so Kincaid is going to wonder why his dog is apparently aiding in this death trap and before he can even figure it out, he’s going to get sent to the glue factory. You gotta put your head inside Freddy to truly appreciate how the master is going to operate. I’ll be honest here…I don’t think there has ever been a really AWESOME demise of Freddy Krueger. the build-up has always been better than the actual kill, in every single film. It’s always been one of the few disappointments for me. they fight with Freddy for a little while but when it comes time to get rid of the bastard, it’s over in a flash. Not too special.

DR: Let’s talk about Freddy’s protagonists. You can sleep with one, marry one and kill one…Go!
JC: In the interest of marrying and sleeping with them, I’m going to keep this hetero. I’m not bisexual but I wish I could include dudes in this too. There are some great male protagonists.
I think I would sleep with Katherine in part 6. She has a bad haircut and bad 90’s office clothes, but I think she’s pretty hot. She’s also Billy Zane’s sister in real life, which adds to it for some reason.
I would marry Alice, hands down. She’s a good fighter, she’s shy in a cute way, and she’s seemingly a pretty good girlfriend to Dan. I don’t think I’d have to worry about her cheating on me or anything like that, and she’s attractive enough to where I’d want to sleep with her often.
I would kill Yvonne in part 5, who is the swimmer chick. Bitch is just stupid and annoying, with a dumb sounding voice and she doesn’t believe Alice when she is told vital information on how to survive. She survives anyways, but if I had it my way that would not have been the case.

DR: Fair enough. What if you made a deal with Freddy where if you let him kill all of WEEKEND NACHOS, you could scab the band out with anyone from the series male or female. Who would you choose and what role would they have in the band?
JC: This would be awesome! First person that comes to mind is Rick (Alice’s brother in part 4). He would have to be in the band! I think I would put him on drums, cuz he’s sorta zany like I would imagine a drummer to be. He’s got one of the best personalities in the entire series. He’s a nice guy but is definitely edgy. If that Dramarama song he listens to while practicing martial arts is any indication, you can tell he’s into some punk-ish jams.
On bass I think I would add Debbie, also from part 4. She’s a tough chick and I would need her by my side in case anybody tried to start any shit with us at our gigs. She’s probably the only chick in any of the movies that I would allow in the band. Taryn from (part 3) would be a possible candidate but I think she’s a little too fucked up in the head and she has a history of drug problems, so fuck that.
Maybe Taryn can be the original bassist who overdoses and is replaced by Debbie!
Debbie would be down to just jam and fight but also could hang with the bros socially, for sure. One of the guys. On guitar I’d nominate Grady (from part 2), for sure. Dude’s got that serious attitude that I would need as my right hand man. He and I would butt heads at times on certain issues, but the solidity of the working relationship would be stronger than any other candidate could offer.
Since we’re on a roll here I’d also appoint Kincaid (from parts 3-4) as my security for obvious reasons, and maybe Will (from part 3) as my accountant/manager. Dude’s a fucking nerd but that means he’s probably good with numbers and too big of a pussy to try and make off with the funds behind my back. There you have it…the Weekend Nachos Nightmare On Elm Street Male Protagonist Entourage, set in stone.

DR: What if Freddy were to demand a guest vocal spot on a Weekend Nachos track? Which song would you want him on?
JC: He could literally do a guest spot on any song he wanted. I would give up my position as vocalist for however long he wanted his spot to be.
But if I have to choose a specific jam, I’d have him replace Pat Patterson for the end part in Jock PowerViolence. I can picture the kids putting on Freddy gloves and moshing 10 times as hard as they normally do if Krueger were to step out during that part and start rapping the lyrics E-Town Concrete style. I’d probably jump off the stage and start moshing too.



To enter submit your Weekend NachosDream Lineup’ consisting of cast members from Nightmare On Elm Street Parts 1 through 6. Who would be in the band, what instrument would they play, and why?

All entries must be made in the COMMENTS section.


This entry was 100% spot on. I did not disagree with a single point made. It demonstrated knowledge and passion for the series which is my #1 priority here. By adding in bystanders that aren’t even working for the band but merely AT the gig…this is above and beyond what was expected. This person truly deserves to win and therefore…they did.

awaywiththepast (RUNNER UP)
I’m going to be honest…your mention of Doc from Part 6 is what clinched this as a runner up for me. Compared to the other entries, this was superior for THAT reason. Otherwise, it may have taken a back seat to another, however your entry was still intelligently thought out and there is absolutely nothing sub-par about it.

Luisifer (RUNNER UP)
This entry truly went a different route than any of the others…this person chose to feature all of the ANIMALS of the series. Did I even think of this as a possibility? No, I did not. Therefore, you have outdone myself as well as Dom and you deserve a win. Clever, indeed.

Luke-Physioc (RUNNER UP)
Just because I’m listing this one last does not mean it was the weakest of the runner ups…these are in no particular order. This entry was quite possibly the closest to winning the grand prize, as a matter of fact. It contained all of the insight and knowledge of the grind prize winner’s entry…but was JUST SHORT of it as far as creativity. Very close race though! I was very impressed with everything about this entry.

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