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[Random Cool] Check Out These Amazing Rejected Posters For ‘The Shining’!!!

Update: Even though we posted this gem way back in 2012, there are sites writing about it this very morning. Thus, here it is again. It’s cool, so why not?!

There’s currently a Stanley Kubrick exhibit at LACMA that is by all accounts stunning (ie I need to get off my ass and see it). One of the displays centers around rejected posters for the his 1980 film The Shining. It’s one of my favorite horror films and I’m pretty sure it’s my favorite Kubrick film (that standing changes from time to time). One of the coolest bits from it seems to be this set of rejected posters from Saul Bass – you can even read what looks to be Kubrick’s handwritten notes as to why he didn’t feel they worked.

Per The Fox Is Black (whom these posters are from), “One of the coolest parts, especially for a designer like myself, was these sketches by Saul Bass for the film poster of The Shining. Previously I had no idea that Saul Bass had created the original poster (which you can see at the top) so this was a really cool surprise. I’ve read online that Kubrick made Bass go through at least 300 versions of the poster until finally ending on the extremely alien looking version we now know.

Head inside to check out a sampling. It really is worthwhile.

Click here for even more!



  • djblack1313

    i don’t really care for any of these.

  • The only one that draws my attention is the hand coming out of the ground. That is a striking image.

  • lulukatrina

    To be honest, I like at least 3 of these more than the released poster. That one doesnt seem to say much about the story, while most of these do at least portray some part of the narrative or something. And that one with the hand is just really, really cool.

  • joesey

    those are all terrible poster ideas.

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