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Review: ‘Ex Sanguine’ #3

Romances don’t tend to find their way onto Bloody-Disgusting, lovey dovey bullshit doesn’t usually make its way into the horror genre (at least the horror we favor). There are exceptions to every rule however, and Tim Seeley has proven this by weaving the tale of love story between an ancient vampire and a young serial killer. Ex-Sanguine has captivated me from the get go with its fast paced story, fantastic art, and of course, its blood soaked romance.

WRITTEN BY: Tim Seeley and Joshua Scott Emmons
ART BY: Tim Seeley
PUBSLISHER: Dark Horse Comics
RELEASE DATE: December 13th
PRICE: 3.99

This story is jam packed with murder, mystery, and love. This issue is no different from the rest in terms of these three elements but there are several new elements stirred into the pot which have me enjoying it just a little bit more. First and foremost, this issue reveals some of Ashely’s (the serial killer) back story which helps to connect the dots with current events going on with the story. As this part of the story develops, we simultaneously learn of the existence of other super natural beasts through Saul Adam’s (vampire) story line. This layer of the story is developing quickly as Saul begins to link Ashley’s murder spree with motives. On the flip side, we learn more about the Feds, particularly the whole backstory to the female agent’s hatred of the vampire.

“Ex Sanguine” is moving at a stunning pace, Tim Seeley and Joshua Scott Emmons are doing a great job of weaving different story lines together without being over complex and causing confusion. Though these days in pop culture the idea of vampire love is overused, this is the first story that doesn’t use it as its selling point. The love story feels like it’s a part of the story as opposed to be THE story. This is a big move for horror fans who are scared that this is some spin off the forsaken Twilight books, or any other vampire bullshit that makes me want to run my head into a wall. “Ex Sanguine” is not like that in the slightest.

Tim Seeley does an excellent job with the art, his representation of vampirism is one that I’ve not seen the likes of before. It makes me happy to see Saul in his monstrous form more often than not. Tim makes excellent use of shading. Many characters remain on the cusp of sight but the use of shading makes them look much more intriguing. “Ex Sanguine” is constantly filled with blood, whether it be fountaining from a jugular or a simple stab wound, it’s flowing in every issue, especially this one. Hats off Tim.

This book is definitely a hit in my eyes with a fresh story that can draw in different types of horror hounds. Vampires tend to be overdone but this book does major justice to the genre.

3.5/5 Skulls

Reviewed by- GreenBasterd



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