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Metallica’s Kirk Hammett Shows Off His Horror Collection In Video Interview

Kirk Hammett, lead guitarist for Metallica, released a 13-minute video where he discusses his book Too Much Horror Business: The Kirk Hammett Collection (Amazon). In the video, Kirk shows off many of his prized horror pieces, including life-size statues, original movie posters, props, decorations, toys, and much, much more. As a horror fan, it’s basically eye candy/porn every second of the video. Check it out below!

Also, make sure to check out our exclusive interview with Kirk here.

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  • Joe-Banger

    Nice collection Kirk, wish it was mine. Lucky bastard.

  • STRIK9

    Hammett’s got the life.Not only does he probably have the greatest horror memorabilia collection of all time,but he’s also the guitarist for the biggest,greatest,and most influential metal band of all time.

    • Lincoln Hawk

      Most influential metal band of all time? Apparently you’ve never heard of Black Sabbath.

      • STRIK9

        Um yeah,I’ve heard of Sabbath.But Sabbath’s first 5 albums cant stand up against Metallica first 5.They lost it after Vol.4-Iommi is still the original king of riffs though.

  • JohnWMorehead

    This is a great video, and I can’t wait to get the book. I resonate with much in Hammett’s experience and reflection. I too was raised in northern California in the television broadcast area where Bob Wilkins was a regular influence as a Creature Features host. I also felt like an outcast as a teenager, and in many ways as an adult I continue to. My past and present obsession with monsters and the fantastic, and my resulting monster and sci-fi and fantasy collection, although not as large and expensive as Hammett’s, also provides me with nostalgia, inspiration, and I would add, a sense of connection to the sacred. It’s great to find another member of the tribe, and from so unlikely a profession. Thanks for this video.

  • xAshleyMariex

    I want that collection *.*

  • TwistedCritic

    But where are the past several Metallica albums?

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