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[TV] Inside “Dexter” Season Finale 07.12 “Surprise, Motherf**ker!”

With Season 7 in the books, Executive Producer Scott Buck discusses last night’s finale of “Dexter” that shocked fans across the globe. What does this mean for the future of Debra and Dex? Watch the video below and discuss your thoughts on the way it ended. Did you feel satisfied?

IN addition, Ty Mattson created an awesome poster to celebrate the show’s finale. It can be viewed inside and picked up at the Showtime store.

The episode, 07.12 “Surprise, Motherf**ker!”, “LaGuerta is on the verge of exposing Dexter and his killer ways, while he does his best to cover for himself and Debra, and maintain the life he’s created.



  • djblack1313

    that’s a great poster! the finale was decent. had numerous REALLY stupid moments but i’m glad “SURPRISE MUTHERFUCKER!” was just a flashback (i knew it would be) and wasn’t them bringing Doakes back to life). lol.

    Deb shooting Laguerta was just meh. kinda dumb. that being said most of season 7 was highly enjoyable and i’m looking forward to the final season. i really think Deb is going put down Dex.

    • Omar

      Why would you think Deb would do that She clearly made the choice to save Dexter she wouldn’t just decide to put him down after that also remember who is till obviously out to get deb away from dex

      • djblack1313

        Omar, i just think that what Deb has let Dex drag her into is going to build up over most of next season to where she’s had enough. i’m not saying it’s going to be easy for her to do, it will be THE most difficult thing ever for her, but i think she’ll do it. then again, i’m just guessing. i’m happy you know who didin’t die and (i hope!) will be returning next season!

  • Vampire_Mistress

    I thought the finale was amazing! I loved the whole season and Deb shooting Lequrta was awesome…bought time the b**ch got it!

    To me, I would love the series to either end with Dex dying or Dex just completely losing it to stay alive that it ends with Dex bringing the knife down on Deb and then end credits but thats just me 🙂

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