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FrightFest UK Creates Special Quad Poster For Legendary ‘Martyrs’!

FrightFest UK is taking from Alamo’s Mondo world in creating their very own exclusive poster prints for movies they screen.

One of the coolest additions to what’s sure to be a massive library of art is one for Pascal Laugier’s incredibly underrated Martyrs, his French horror film that takes on religion that shocked Toronto audience back in 2008. Dimension Films has since then dumped it onto DVD with no plans for a HD release.

In the film, Lucie, now 25-years-old, sets out to get revenge on the people who attacked and permanently scarred her when she was only 10 years old.

Says artist Gary Pullin, “I wanted to create a poster that played up the surgical aspect of the film and Martyr theme – a woman reborn in the Jesus Christ pose on a surgical cross is mysteriously fully enlightened.




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