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[Best & Worst ’12] Jonny Picks His Worst 5 Albums Of 2012

While I wish I could focus entirely on the best offerings of 2012, I have to let you know about my worst albums of the year as well. Some of the albums below took me several listens to realize that they were lacking while others I knew right away were terrible. But in the end, these were albums that disappointed on a great many levels. Check ’em out below.

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5. Adrenaline MobOmerta (March 13th, Elm City Music)

When I originally reviewed this album, I thought it wasn’t that bad. I found it to be generic, bland, and a bit boring, but nothing that I would say made it awful. But the more I thought about it and the more I thought about the talent behind the project, I realized that this album was just one huge disappointment. Each member of this band is a force to be reckoned with and they put out an album that just fails to excite. Definitely a sad day for me.

4. DethklokDethalbum III (Oct. 16th, William Street)

When I listen to Dethklok, I want to laugh. I didn’t laugh with this album. Is it a solid metal album? Undeniably. But it’s not a Dethklok release and THAT is why it lands on this list.

3. Linkin ParkLiving Things (June 26th, Warner Bros.)

These guys used to be so much fun and were so exciting. Now it seems like everything they do is meant to land them on a Transformers soundtrack or in a video game. I want fun, exciting music, not commercialism.

2. Fear FactoryThe Industrialist (June 5th, Candlelight)

What happened to these guys? I mean, aside from a ton of legal issues, band members squabbling, etc… The drums in this album sound worse and worse with each listen and each song sounds just like the one before it. Then, they end the album with a nine-minute track of pure noise. Not even interesting and ambient, atmospheric noise. Just noise.

1. Akira Yamaoka and Jeff DannaSilent Hill: Revelation OST (Oct. 30th, Lakeshore)

Considering my love of all things Silent Hill, this year was give and take for me. On one hand, I got the fantastic Silent Hill: Downpour (review) and the phenomenal soundtrack composed by Daniel Licht. On the other hand, I got the abysmal Silent Hill: Revelation and the equally awful soundtrack. Composed by both Akira Yamaoka and Jeff Danna, the soundtrack was a garbled mess of snippets of tracks from the Silent Hill game series mixed with Danna‘s own compositions over top. Rarely did it work. In fact, I think I enjoyed the first 15 seconds of the soundtrack the first time I heard it. Since then, I just can’t bring myself to listen to it again.

Well, there you have it my lovely readers. Those are my five worst albums of 2012. Why not share some of your worst albums below!

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  • DesignDeath

    The SHR soundtrack was great wth are you on?

    • JonathanBarkan

      Life! And perhaps a beer every few days or so. But that’s really about it.
      But in all seriousness, I couldn’t stand the soundtrack. I have every single Silent Hill game OST and this just disappoints in every way possible.

  • but why get the shr soundtrack when when its just bad versions of existing silent hill songs from existing silent hill soundtracks. The first movie made good use of the soundtrack and the second one made bad use of it. Just get the game soundtracks, they are much better.

  • LazyZombie

    That’s upsetting to hear about the Silent Hill: Revelation OST. The score is one of the first things I listen for in a movie and bad ones tend to distract me.

    And I’ve got to disagree about Linkin Park. I thought “Living Things” was a great album, mixing all of their sounds from their previous records together. Sure, its not a heavy as Meteora or HT, but its Leaps and bounds better than a Thousand Suns. And they’re always trying something new, whether that be good or bad.

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