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Get Your Zombie MMO Fix With ‘The War Z’ Available Now On Steam

Hammerpoint Interactive’s incredibly popular post-apocalyptic zombie MMO The War Z has shambled out of its beta phase and over to Steam. The game, which isn’t to be confused with the similarly titled World War Z, or the similarly themed Day Z, is available now for $13.49 for the basic game. If you want some money to spend, you can drop $22.49 for 2,100 in-game credits or $44.99 for 7,500 credits (along with the game). Hammerpoint is referring to this as a “Foundation Release,” which basically means it’s been improved since the beta, but they’re going to continue to add, tweak, and enhance it in the near future.

If you already have the game you can get a serial key that will convert your account to a Steam account so you can enjoy extra features such as achievements, friends, access to your Steam wallet, etc. Anyone here getting this, or are you waiting for the standalone Day Z (or both)?

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  • PatrickxJonathan

    This game and it’s devs are essentially con artists. Pre ordered, been playing since Oct. 15th/31st and this left a real bad taste in my mouth.

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