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1958 ‘The Blob’ Gets Criterion Blu-ray Release!!

On Blu-ray March 12, 2013 via Criterion is Irvin S. Yeaworth Jr.’s classic 1958 The Blob, which starred the great Steve McQueen and Aneta Corsaut!

A cult classic of gooey greatness, The Blob follows the havoc wreaked on a small town by an outer-space monster with neither soul nor vertebrae, with Steve McQueen playing the rebel teen who tries to warn the residents about the jellylike invader. Strong performances and ingenious special effects help The Blob transcend the schlock sci-fi and youth delinquency genres from which it originates. Made outside of Hollywood by a maverick film distributor and a crew whose credits mostly comprised religious and educational shorts, The Blob helped launch the careers of McQueen and composer Burt Bacharach, whose bouncy title song is just one of this film’s many unexpected pleasures.

DVD Active reports that disc features include the following…

-New high-definition digital restoration, with uncompressed monaural soundtrack on the Blu-ray edition
-Two audio commentaries: one by producer Jack H. Harris and film historian Bruce Eder and the other by director Irvin S. Yeaworth Jr. and actor Robert Fields
-Blobabilia!, a gallery of collector Wes Shank’s rare trove of stills, posters, props (including the blob itself!), and other ephemera
-An essay by critic Kim Newman

  • weresmurf

    Ok….but can we get the 80s version too please? The one that was so much better? I love the 1958 version I really do, but the 80s one perfected it beyond belief 🙂

  • LazyZombie

    I agree weresmurf, we need the 1988 version. I like the ’58 version, but the remake is awesome. It is to me, one of the few movies that I don’t see how anybody can say the original is better. Still, I’ll probably pick up the Blu-Ray of this as long as the price is good.

  • this bothered me and confused me. 1st i just bought the damn ’58 dvd cuz i didn’t think there was a chance in hell of it coming to blu-ray. 2nd, im happy it is coming to hd but wat about the remake? shouldn’t the more recent adaptation be upgraded first or at the very least come out with an original/remake blu-ray combo?