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Megadeth Commence Recording 14th Studio Album

Thrash metal legends Megadeth have commenced recording their as-yet-untitled 14th studio album, which will be released on an as-of-yet-undetermined record label. This is the follow up to 2011’s Thirteen, which was released on Roadrunner Records. The band has since split from that record label. The group will be working with producer Johnny K (John Karkazis), who has worked with Disturbed, Machine Head, and many more.

Alright fans, who’s excited? What would you want to hear on the next Megadeth album?

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  • STRIK9

    They just hit the studio and they are already done recording? I have ZERO hope for this band anymore.Mustaine seems to love writing boring,uninspired,and simple rock songs today.He lost his venom while Metallica are beginning to bring it back. That “13” album was garbage.The few decent tracks were old reworked demos.At least “endgame”showed some potential returning but 13 took care of that thought.This band seriously lost it after,”Youthanasia”.That was their creative peak. R.I.P. Megadeth.

    • JonathanBarkan

      No no, they hit the studio and have STARTED recording. Haha, that’d be so odd. Imagine them walking into the doors and then screaming, “WE’RE DONE! BEST RECORD EVER!!!”

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