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[Exclusive] Stars In Stereo Share Their Craziest Holiday Gifts

‘Tis the holiday season! It’s a time of sharing, a time of caring, and a time when many of us open gifts and our only reaction is to raise one eyebrow and wonder, “What the hell were you thinking?” That’s precisely what rock band Stars In Stereo thought and decided to share with Bloody-Disgusting. If you head on below, you can read each member’s craziest holiday gift!

Stars In Stereo released an EP entitled Album Preview on Oct. 2nd (iTunes). A full-length debut album is planned for a 2013 release.

Stars In Stereo “Craziest Holiday Gift’s List”

Guitarist Jordan McGraw: “I made my dad a duct tape wallet one year because I couldn’t drive yet and didn’t want to force my brother to take me shopping (that was my gift to him). Turned out to be his favorite present. He still has it 12 years later… It looks like shit and has a few pockets missing from it but it’s hangin’ on!”

Vocalist Bec Hollocraft: “I remember one year getting knee pads from my then boyfriend. He thought it was really funny, and I didn’t get the joke. I threw them away then shortly threw him away. Ahhh young “love”. “

Bassist Justin Siegel: “In 9th grade, my first girlfriend made me what was supposed to be a star shaped pillow. But it ended up looking more like a jellyfish shaped pillow…and it was pink. I still have it somewhere. Probably the same place I put it the day after I got it. I unfortunately don’t have much use for a pink, sort of star/jellyfish shaped mini-pillow.”

Drummer Drew Langan: “I took a shake weight to a white elephant exchange once. It was a huge hit. I wound up with a pointless child’s toy. It was literal for 3 year olds so I was pretty bummed.”

Guitarist Frogs McCormick: “My sister gave me bubble wrap one year when we were younger. Just the bubble wrap. True story. It was actually a pretty great present, I was popping for days.”

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