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[WTF] Indie Filmmaker Charged With Corrupting Morals

Some serious shit is going down in Montreal that could have a ripple effect on the countries support of the horror genre, and could also infringe on our basic human rights.

While I personally hate mean-spirited/realistic horror, often (and wrongly) dubbed “torture porn,” I respect every filmmaker’s right to make the film they want. At the end of the day, what ends up on screen is fantasy, and only someone who is mentally ill would take it any other way.

Law official in Montreal have stepped way out of bounds in the arrest of local indie filmmaker and special effects artist Remy Couture, who is charged with “corrupting morals through the distribution, possession and production of obscene materials” in a case that explores the boundaries of artistic expression, reports both National Post and Toronto Sun. He could get up to two years in prison.

It was reported that on December 12, a seven-woman, five-man jury watched in silence as hundreds of photos and a pair of videos that depict gruesome murders, torture, assaults and necrophilia with female victims were shown. The jury is tasked with deciding if the material in question is obscene and dangerous and could actually incite anyone to act out what they see, as the Crown contends.

The National Post continues, “Couture argues that his work has artistic value and the state’s interference amounts to an infringement of his right to free expression.

The jury has asked that the court speed up the process of viewing the photos. The judge has approved the request. The photos were originally being shown for about 10 seconds each, but were later switched roughly every five.

The images appeared on a website Couture hosted, dubbed “Inner Depravity.” The violent, sexually explicit, horror-inspired works were based on a serial-killer character Couture created and played.

There was some contention over whether the site offered a viewer warning.

The Crown and Montreal police contend they didn’t find any sort of warning while examining the contents of Couture’s website, “Inner Depravity.”

But the defence introduced its own evidence showing there was a warning — one that clearly stated that there was graphic content on the site, that no one was harmed in the creation of the work, and that the site is dedicated to horror and special effects.

The videos in question also have credits at the end identifying the various people taking part in the production of the short films, including the actresses portrayed as victims.

The court has heard that Interpol was first alerted to the images and videos in 2006 by an Internet user in Austria and the scenes were deemed so realistic that a pathologist in Europe couldn’t rule out that a homicide had actually been committed.

Couture was arrested in 2009. His trial got under way Monday with jury selection and two weeks have been set aside to hear evidence.”

There is also a documentary already filming, with a fundraiser set up to raise money to cover Couture’s legal funds.

Below you’ll find one of the shorts in question. Watch at your own risk?



  • bambi_lives8980

    While I’m not familiar with this particular dude, and I’m not a big fan of torture porn or whatever you wanna call it, I still do not think there’s a case here. If there’s a warning, there’s a fucking warning, end of story. Don’t look at it if you don’t want to, period.

  • xAshleyMariex

    This is fucking ridiculous he didn’t commit any crime.

  • Seal_Clubber

    Yeah … It’s gross and pointless … no real artistic value here whatsoever … but it’s not criminal to waste your own time and money.

  • divisionbell

    This just sets the film industry back a few decades. It’s no different than when they went after Deodato for Holocaust or Srdan for Serbian Film. Horror films are pure fantasy and the only disturbing thing here are the charges being brought against this filmmaker!

  • anezka

    Seriously? Why would someone so worried about the “morals” enter in a website called “Inner Depravity”?

    I didn’t really liked his material, but if the guy can do makeup and effects in such a way that people cannot distinguish between fantasy and reality, he should get a prize instead of being punished!

  • Shane Bucher

    From all the hype I was expecting something really twisted. This is no worse than stuff I’ve seen in Japanese horror before. The guy does do good FX work though, I will give him that much. For anyone to think this is real though they would have to be a complete moron and never have seen a horror movie in their life!

  • huntermc

    Once again, lawmakers show that they are unable to distinguish fantasy from reality. News flash – people don’t really get hurt in horror movies.

    You know what’s truly violent, shocking, and disturbing? What happened at the school in Connecticut last week. What this filmmaker does is nothing in comparison.

  • Moikaroo

    I think the issue is that society is expecting everything to be swimming with so much CGI and special effects these days they’ve forgotten how it was all done in the past…

    It’s Charlie Sheen and the “Guinea Pig” films all over again…


    This is ridiculous . First of all, the guy has every right to produce any film he wants , weather any film company will pick it up is another story. And as far as offending someone or corrupting moral values, BULLSHIT. Im pissed. REALLY PISSED . Who the hell is this jerkwad who took this guy to court? Is he/ she some part of a special interest group ? Isnt that what the motion picture association is for? Ill bet, these juriors are a bunch of freakin housewives and business men who , when all put together, couldnt make even one bone of artistic talent total.


    (Continued) Weather you like the guys stuff or not, this will put a serious stop on anyone who might think of doing a movie in a genre like this because of persicution from others who dont understand or who want to shield others becuase of what they think we should see. Come up with a new rating for movies like this and move on. End of story..

  • ElijahKilgannon

    I see no cause for alarm here, much less a court case. I don’t much care for torture porn either, but this definitely isn’t the first film to do this. Couture is within his rights, but if he made a film that caused this much uproar, then kudos to him. If he comes out on top, which he should, then that’s great publicity.

  • Arbracam

    There’s a doc already made on the subject and out on dvd (which includes interviews with Nacho Cerdà and Rodrigo Gudiño) and here is the website for it, with much, much more:

  • lovezoid

    The fact that this guy was arrested and is facing criminal charges for a piece of fiction is more sickening and more terrifying than anything in that clip. Hell, if more people used a medium like film as an outlet for aggressive thoughts and troubling dreams instead of picking up weapons or committing hateful acts against their fellow man, the world would be a much safer place. Evil is a concept that exists without question – if we can’t explore it and confront it through art, we’ll be powerless against it.

  • Ravinus

    Was that a tampon string or a maggot at the very beginning? No crime committed. However, that was fucking boring and pointless.

  • Canucklehead

    Oh Canada! What have you gone and done? I suspect that these kinds of attitudes in PQ have been affected going back to the FLQ crisis of the 1970’s where journalism seemed to have been indicted as a cause with the result that there is a much greater desire in the province to protect the citizens from what the government deems as obscene. Hopefully more rational thought prevails.

  • Joe-Banger

    Im with you divisionbell, huntermc, TEDDYX, and lovezoid! You all said it better than anyone on here! This event is happening in Canada not the U.S.A. but imagine if it was happening here, that guy would have been put in prison already! Good GOD what happened to freedom of speech?! Its ok to send young people off to experience the horrors of war but horror itself is being outlawed?! Whats next to be outlawed? Drama and Scifi?! That is a really strange video but yeah the tragedy in Connecticut was the worst news Ive heard since 9/11! Those are the issues that need to be focused on not art!

  • diapers

    WTF, indeed. Dude should be able to do what he wants. I’m not much into torture porn either, except for Guinea Pig II.

  • Maybe they arrested him because it sucked. Seriously.

    I believe in artistic freedom, but what is the point of what he did? Even the special effect weren’t that good. He poured some blood on a fake vagina you can buy on Adam& and then did some fake-as-shit hand cut thing — ah, hell. I stopped. Did it get better after that?

    Oh yeah. He shouldn’t be in jail for this. Just unemployed.

    • zaglewiz

      I would agree 100%. I think he should have to pay all of us who watched it though. 😀

  • STRIK9

    That shit is for sick people.I dig Saw,Maniac,all types of shit,but after a while that shit is just stupid if its in your face all the time.It’s a poor excuse for lack of creativity.For real,the ones that are into that kinda shit and snuff films are the ones to worry about.

  • ThunderDragoon

    Wow, this is bullshit. People can’t do anything these days without pissing off the “higher ups”. This is not a crime. Those people are so stupid.

  • j.c

    Not gonna place judgement on artistic merit here, thats not the point (good FX though). As for placing the genre back a few steps, well, horror is always going to be the unwanted stepchild chained up in the basement, no matter how many Silence of the lambs and other oscar winners come down the mainstream pipe (and thats not a slam, I love SOTL ). Its just something we as horror fans have just learned to deal with, well I have anyway. The real point is this guy is in the very real danger of being sent to prison with murderers, theives and rapist for making films with fake violence. Its the Guinea pig fiasco all over again. Theres nothing in here that we as horror fans havent seen many times and if making bad films is a crime, they’re gonna need a bigger bus to haul all those people to jail.Canada now, USA later. With the real life tragedys occuring today, its not gonna be long before they try to start connecting non-exixstant dots over here too.

  • zaglewiz

    Well needless to say I want my 10 minutes I wasted of my life back watching that. SEND HIM TO THE NOOSE!!!!! I want Revenge!

  • Shane-Pantellas

    that was what got him arrested?! the “film” isn’t even that gory!!! the camera doesn’t even show the actual cutting or penetration!! for a GOOD short horror film with suspense and effective, non-torture gore check out my short Foundations.

  • Evil_Flip

    The saddest thing is is that we all know the those who judge people who like stuff like horror or odd sex stuff are usually the ones that are more fucked up than we are. I think there is violence in everybody and if you don’t do anything about that (not just watching a horror movie, but you could also enjoy some energetic music, do some sports, videogames etc.) you’ll just take it out on somebody else (like your wife, your kids etc.). I think there would be a lot more peace in the world if we just accepted we needed to vent sometimes. That said, I’ll be here all week for cuddling sessions.

  • ImPetrified

    Sucks for that dude! He should….you know, move to like….some country that has like, freedom of speech or some shit. Or whatever.

    The term torture porn is quite apt in most cases, btw. 🙂

  • HostelTakeover

    This honestly terrifies me because if a person can get arrested for a horror website what would happen if some law people find Tom Six and arrest him for The Human Centipede or other indie horror film makers. I find it very hypocritical cause they find indie horror films a “disruption of morals” and mainstream horror films they are all “eh that’s fake” and blah blah blah. If Remy can get arrested for this then what will the future behold. Would Cleve Hall get arrested or would the maker of The Exorcist get arrested??

    This makes me sick!!! IT’S FUCKING FICTION LAW PEOPLE!!!! At the end of the day the actors get up from the spot they were “killed” and wipes the makeup off.

  • darkscarecrow

    I watched the video and all I can say is, it’s Rob Zombie meet’s A Serbian Film. I guess you can make anything you wan’t but I’ve seen much worse. Who remembers “Necromantic”?

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