[TV] AMC Called "Small-Minded" In Wake Of Shocking "Walking Dead" News - Bloody Disgusting!

[TV] AMC Called “Small-Minded” In Wake Of Shocking “Walking Dead” News

The Walking Dead

This morning we dropped the bomb that, even with the renewal of a fourth season, AMC had parted ways with The Walking Dead showrunner Glen Mazzara.

The release was issued jointly, citing creative differences – you know, where the artist gives up in attempting to deal with the powerful suits. I’ve heard through the grapevine that an alleged huge issue that has lingered with the series is that AMC is always trying to cut budget, even though it’s one of the biggest shows on cable. I’ve also heard that, because AMC has no partners (with “Mad Men” they are partnered with Lionsgate TV), there’s nobody to tell them “no.”

Anyways, some AMC alum have been vocal, with “Sons Of Anarchy” creator Kurt Sutter, pictured below, taking to Twitter on Friday calling the network executives “small-minded, bottom-line thinkers who have no appreciation or gratitude for the effort of its creative personnel.” Caught by Deadline, he also warned that without Mazzara at the helm the “future is dim” for “The Walking Dead”. Read his full assembled rant inside.

Says Kurt Sutter: “AMC is run by small-minded, bottom-line thinkers who have no appreciation or gratitude for the effort of its creative personnel. Time and time again we see events like what happened today with Glen Mazzara. They continue to disrespect writers, shit on their audience and bury their network. Mazzara took the work-in-progress that was “Walking Dead” and turned it into a viable TV show with a future. Without him, that future is dim. Showrunners are not development executives, we’re not cookiecutter douchebags that you plug into a preexisting model. TWD will suffer. Even Zombies need consistency. “Mad Men” and “Breaking Bad” will be gone soon. So will AMC. I hope their f*cking stock takes a dive and the shareholders line up (Josh) Sapan, (Charles) Dolan and (Charlie) Collier and shit in their open hands. C*nts.

  • HorrorManiac666

    Kurt does have a point and I hope Sons of Anarachy returns next year

  • Cichy

    Well said AMC keeps biting the hands that feed them. I guess they always have Hometown Security and that show with carnies…

    • HorrorManiac666

      Don’t forget about Comic Book Men

  • djblack1313

    i love this man!! it’s so refreshing to hear someone actually speaking the truth and not pussy footing around. why AMC insists on cutting the budget FOR IT’S MOST SUCCESSFUL SHOW(!!!) is fucking insane and bad news for those of us who love this show.

  • meh

    I’d be alright seeing walking dead go away.

    Face it everyone, it’s not good. It’s nothing special cable drama that just happens to have zombies in it. It opened with an unbelievably good bang in season 1 and fell VERY quickly.

    I’m sick of hearing about a show i don’t think is good, I get the appeal, and I wouldn’t take it away from someone, but if it went away, I certainly wouldn’t stop it.

  • Warpaint

    AMC executives: “Hey Frank, you’re doing a great job with ‘The Walking Dead’. It’s getting high ratings, great reviews, and is our biggest hit yet, this is the perfect time to cut the budget!”

    Frank Darabont: “But if you cut the budget the production value will dip in quality and the show will suffer. You’ve got a massive hit on your hands, with an endless wealth of comic source material to draw from. This show could run much longer than any of your series, making you tons of money in return, if anything you should be increasing the budget not gutting it. BTW, I directed ‘Shawshank’ and have produced Oscar nominated work throughout my career, you might wanna listen to my advice. Just sayin’…”

    AMC Execs: You’re fired!

    AMC Execs: “Hey Vince, you know how we love to make the fans of your show, arguably the most popular and acclaimed series on Television right now wait an entire painstaking year between seasons? Well, we’re gonna do that again, except this time not only will they have to wait a year for the final season, but we’re gonna split the season in 2 so they’ll get only 8 episodes ending with Hank having a mind blowing revelation on the toilet, then we’ll make em wait a whole nother year to see the last 8 episodes. Why? Cause we love money and hate our audience. What do you think?”

    Vince Gilligan: “I’m glad this is the last season of Breaking Bad. At least we get to go out on a high note before you monkeys have a chance to ruin our show and cut our budget.”

    AMC Execs: “Damn, when ‘Breaking Bad’ and ‘Mad Men’ are done next year, ‘The Walking Dead’ will be our last leg to stand on, good thing that show is getting it’s highest ratings and reviews ever. You know what, let’s cut the budget!”

    Glen Mazzara: “Why would you cut the budget now when the show is so popular and will soon be your last hope of salvaging your network? Also, with ‘Breaking Bad’ and ‘Mad Men’ ending, you’ll have more money to spend on ‘Walking Dead’.

    AMC Execs: “It’s been a pleasure working with you Glen, but it’s time you went on your merry way.”

    2 Years Later – AMC files for bankruptcy.

  • Canucklehead

    AMC and every other business has the right to do whatever they see fit. Don’t like the show? Don’t watch? Boo Hoo Kurt, wonder how much money he made off AMC? Don’t like doing business with them, don’t sign a contract. So sick of hearing people complain aboot how hard done by they are.

    • HorrorManiac666

      He doesn’t make any money from AMC, his show is on FX.

      • Canucklehead

        My bad, thanks.

  • EvilHead1981

    Y’know when, in movies and television shows, they make fun of these huge companies for being souless, out of touch, bad decision making faceless forms of business that care more about lining their pockets than delivering the best possible product to keep a customer base returning as a regular…. we all laugh at the jokes, but sometimes it’s true!!!

    It should really be a priority, now more than ever as the whole “greed is good” sentiment that, at one time, was looked down upon, is now a golden standard to live by, more visionaries, writers, directors, filmmakers, yadda yadda, should get into business training. If anything, for the sole purpose of getting those high positions someday as executives and presidents, so they(with their filmmaking experience and experience working at various levels within the entertainment business, are better fitted to making these decisions than some suit that was groomed for the sole occasion of running things(yet is out of touch with mainly everything else).

  • Kurt Sutter is Awesome!!!!

  • Mr.Mirage

    AMC does indeed have the right to do business in any manner they choose. So be it, selah. When the roof falls in, when the doors close, will they care? No, because the clowns of whom Mr. Sutter writes won’t be affected, they will collect multi-million dollar checks and the guys n gals at the bottom will be left with nothing. That is the way the game is played. cf: every freaking corporation in America.

  • laymness

    AMC’s logic- we have the number one show that’s continuing to grow in ratings into season 3 after people disliked season 2, something network TV never accomplishes. We have a show doing better than any network show, on basic cable, that keeps a consistently high rating, now high praise, week after week with a massive internet following.

    Let’s fire the guy saving our show and cut its budget.

    Makes sense.

  • FarmerWaits

    Kurt Sutter just layed down the truth….fucking love that man.