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Have Another Holiday Gift! Download Episode 1 Of The Walking Dead For Free On XBLA And iOS!

Just because we’re past Christmas, Hanukkah, and all other gift-giving holidays for 2012 doesn’t mean you still can’t treat yourself to a little gift, right? Today, Telltale Games has put Episode 1 of the incredibly popular and critically acclaimed The Walking Dead series on XBLA and iOS for free! Episodes 2-5 are still 400MS points.

If you’re away from your Xbox (or you can’t turn it on without your parents ripping your head off because, “You’re with the family and it’s family time!”), you can login to Xbox’s website and download it from there.

Now, get to downloading and make sure to make decisions with your gut instinct, because you should always follow that. Or make really bad decisions and screw everything up because it’s a game and you just want to see what will happen. It’s all good.

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