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[OMFG] This Is Almost The Best Vending Machine Ever

You know what’s great about vending machines? All that delicious candy. Know what sucks about 99% of vending machines? They don’t have musical gear and accessories. But some record studio in Los Angeles (I wish I knew which one) took the smart step of fixing that problem. On top of having candy and other assorted snack delicacies, they also put in such musician necessities as drum sticks, 9V batteries, strings, guitar straps, and more. Basically, it’s the vending machine that I would want in my house. Trouble is I would always be looking under my couch cushions for spare change. And it would always be gone.

Check out the vending machine below. Oh, and reason why it’s not THE best vending machine ever? It doesn’t have Sour Patch Kids. I call total shenanigans.

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