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[Random Cool] See Eli Roth In The Gory Telenovela “Ataque Al Corazon”!

It appears that Eli Roth and director Nicolas Lopez hit it off during their collaboration on the upcoming Aftershock, because Roth is flexing his thespian chops once again under his tutelage.

Lopez has a comedy opening in Chile next week called Que Pena Tu Familia, and the characters in the film watch a Telenovela entitled “Ataque Al Corazon” (“Attack The Heart”). So, in ongoing the tradition of fake TV shows being shot in order to give movie characters something to watch, we’ve got a trailer from the show. It brings the gore and more than a little bit of “Grey’s Anatomy” style sexual friction.

Head inside to check it out! A big thanks to Latino Review for the heads up!



  • splatterfan101

    Hey guys, I’m new here, but I’m a Spanish major and noticed that the title of the telenovela is Ataque al corazon. While this could in fact mean Attack the Heart, that phrase also means Heart Attack. Just thought I’d share!

  • Am I the only person who thinks that Eli Roth is overrated? What has he really done that has been amazing? Hostel and Cabin Fever made a splash, but were they actually great movies?

    • Evil_Flip

      I think they were. Cabin was a lot of fun and Hostel is probably the only tortureporn that I find watchable (maybe because it’s one of the first).Are they masterpiece? Hell no. In any case Roth doesn’t need to care what we think ‘cos to me it seems he’s having a lot of fun. He makes the movies he wants to make, with his friends and earns a lot of cash in the process. Who doesn’t want that?

  • Joe-Banger

    3 year veteran here splatterfan 101, thanks for the translation! I was hoping someone would tell us what that was. Can you tell us what they are saying?

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