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This Unearthed Footage From Long Dead ‘Primal Rage 2’ Threatens To Ruin My Childhood

I have something I admit. Back in the day, I loved Primal Rage. Whether that love was founded on a younger me’s poor taste in video games or because I was obsessed with dinosaurs (because they’re awesome), I can’t be sure which, but I loved that game. I played it religiously, usually as Vertigo or Diablo, and I was damn good. I’m sure if I were to play it today, all my fond childhood memories of the game would be ruined, just like how Diablo uses his super cool Incinerator fatality to ruin his opponent’s day by flaying the flesh off their bones. Until today, I was bummed the game never got a sequel. Thankfully, Youtube user raydude has shown me what an atrocity Primal Rage 2 would’ve been had it ever seen the light of day. See it in action after the break.

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