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We Might Finally Know What’s Going On With ‘The Host 2’, Pencil Your Calendars For 2014

The Host 2

There’s been a ton of confusing info about The Host 2, the sequel to Bong Joon-Ho’s amazing The Host, floating around recently. Good thing are friends at Twitch are on the case and are sorting out the details, because it’s been immensely difficult to even figure out who’s directing the damn thing.

I’m going to type this as plainly as possible to avoid more confusion. Everything we’ve seen from the sequel so far has been test footage, per the film’s producer Choi Yong-bae. The actual film is about to be shot. The script has been written by Im Pil-sung and the movie will be directed by Park Myung-chun, who will be making his feature debut. There will be TWO monsters in the movie.

And it’s expected out in early summer 2014. That’s pretty much it, but at least the facts are straight. Head inside to get a look at that test footage.




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