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Remember That Trailer For ‘The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct’? Yep, That’s A Fake

It would seem I have been duped. If you remember that bland looking trailer that was “officially” released to promote Activision’s upcoming game The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct, it has been confirmed by Dan Amrich, Activision’s social media manager, to be from an early build of the game. It is gameplay that was taken from the actual game, but it was from a preview build that wasn’t meant to be used as promotional material. Good thing, too. Hopefully it’ll blow us all away when the real trailer is revealed.

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  • BudHarvest

    “Daryl and Merle in a game, what could be beter than that”? – well mostly everything under the sun actually, I am finished with ‘cashdivision’.

    This game is a complete and utter disaster, i have seen some broken games, but this is something else.

    Everything about this game is shockingly bad, the story, textures, models lighting so on so on.

    I could bare no more than 15 mins before i really was pushed to switch the insulting game off, make no mistake, this game IS insulting in every way conceivable.

    The only thing going for the game is the voice over actors Norman Reedus and Michael Rooker which, unfortunately for them cannot do them much good, in fact, I would be pursuing for career damages with this absolute pile of steaming sh!t.

    STAY AWAY 1.5/10

    The game is like getting teeth pulled out

    Terminal Reality needs Terminated

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