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Sony Has Ended Production Of The PS2; Let’s Talk About The Console’s Best Horror Games!

With over 150 million sold, Sony’s PlayStation 2 is the most successful home gaming console of all time. It launched on March 4, 2000, and during the twelve years that followed it brought us video games that defined, or redefined, their respective genres. The PS2 also hosted the latter half of the golden era of the survival horror genre (late 90’s – early 00’s), which birthed amazing horror games like Resident Evil 4, Silent Hill 2, Half-Life, Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly, Siren, and so much more. For many horror fans, including myself, the PS2 was the console of choice for horror.

Some of my fondest gaming memories came from PS2 games, but like all good things, it’s come to an end. Let’s celebrate the end of such a stellar console by voting on the best horror games that released on it. More after the jump.

Below you’ll find a list of horror games for the PS2 (in order of release, because I’m a total weirdo). I was limited to 30 for the poll, so if I missed something, feel free to comment below with your pick(s)!

What was your favorite horror game(s) on the PS2?

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  • c-s-a78

    mine would hav to be-crash bandicoot:the wrath of cortex.
    it took a long time to fully get the %106 unlocked!!!

  • Joe-Banger

    Awesome list Adam! I own the original man hunt for PS2! My Bday was yesterday and I still didnt get a PS3 yet dag nabbit! I also own Splatter House for PS3 and that game kicks ass too!

  • Canucklehead

    I bought a PS2 just so I could play RE4 and loved every minute of it.

  • chris99x

    I’d say it’s the end of an era, but that era ended long ago. Still, the PS2 will forever be remembered for its contributions to the survival/horror genre. I don’t see this ever being topped.

    I voted for a number of games. Some masterpieces (SH2/3, FFII, CVX), some underrated gems (Haunting Ground, Outbreak), and some guilty pleasures (Obscure, The Thing), and more. In fact, I spot very few duds in that mix. Nothing I’d consider unplayable.

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