‘The Walking Dead’ #100 Is The Best Selling Comic Of 2012


The Walking Dead #100 is the best selling comic in the North American for 2012, followed closely by 9 Marvel titles (mostly AvX). Take a look at the list after the jump.

1 WALKING DEAD #100 (MR) $3.99 JUN128066-M IMA
3 AVENGERS VS X-MEN #1 $3.99 JAN120629-M MAR
4 AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #700 $7.99 OCT120626-M MAR
5 AVENGERS VS X-MEN #2 $3.99 JAN128269-M MAR
6 AVENGERS VS X-MEN #6 $3.99 APR120579-M MAR
7 AVENGERS VS X-MEN #5 $3.99 APR120572-M MAR
8 AVENGERS VS X-MEN #3 $3.99 JAN128271-M MAR
9 AVENGERS VS X-MEN #4 $3.99 JAN128273-M MAR
10 AVENGERS #1 $3.99 SEP120526-M MAR

Source: Bleeding Cool
  • Canucklehead

    I prefer the WD trades but still lots of value in that book. I really need to stop buying any more of these Marvel events, that AvX was just awful.

    • Lonmonster

      AvX was not very good, I stopped after a few issues. Have you been reading any Marvel Now, I’ve been digging a lot of those titles.

      • Canucklehead

        Totally hooked on DD-End of Days and the first Avengers book by Hickman was pretty solid I thought.

        • Lonmonster

          I skipped out on DD, I’ll check it out. The new Thor is also really awesome.