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[Exclusive] Child Bite’s “Abysmal Splatter” Video Premiere



Bloody-Disgusting is excited to bring you the exclusive music video premiere for Detroit band Child Bite‘s video for “Abysmal Splatter”. The video is directed by acclaimed music video director Mitch Massie, whose video for Cattle Decapitation‘s “Forced Gender Reassignment” shocked the internet and caused untold amounts of controversy. You can watch this exclusive premiere below.

The song comes from Child Bite’s upcoming album Vision Crimes (pre-order) and the video is the sequel to “The Nab Munch Is On” (also directed by Massie).

Director Mitch Massie comments on this video, “Child Bite planted a seed in me that has been incubating for years. That seed became a parasite and as soon as they asked for a music video, the parasite began to stir and finally slithered out of my body onto the dirty carpet in my living room. It would just flop around on the floor collecting hair, bar-b-q chip dust, and cigarette butts on its oily skin. I couldn’t touch it nor grasp what the hell it was but I felt somewhat relieved, like when you blow out a brain-tickler mucus string that connected somewhere behind your eyeball. I realized the drying out specimen on my floor would only react and do tricks when I thought of nothing else but it – the slimy bastard – while playing Abysmal Splatter. So I reluctantly put this arrogant thing in the video and oddly enough the parasite was happy. Surprisingly, it got along with the other actors too. It must’ve crawled back in me after shooting because it was nowhere to be found and I became congested again. Usually, parasites only want to be represented, it’s very rare they want a close up. Such is the risk one makes becoming friends with what affects them.

Child Bite on tour:
01/11 Flint, MI – Flint Local 32
01/12 Grand Rapids, MI – Pyramid Scheme
01/13 Milwaukee, WI – Cacust Club
01/14 Chicago, IL – Empty Bottle
01/15 Athens, OH – Smiling Skull Saloon
01/16 Brooklyn, NY – Death by Audio
01/17 New London, CT – Oasis Pub
01/18 Providence, RI – AS220
01/19 Boston, MA – Pa’s Lounge
01/20 Toronto, ON – The Shop
01/21 London, ON – Call The Office

Child Bite online:
Official Website
Official Facebook

Mitch Massie online:
Official Website

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