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Free Expansion Coming To Indie Horror Hit ‘Paranormal’

I haven’t had the chance to play Paranormal yet, even though I really want to. It’s trying for distribution on Steam Greenlight right now — you can support it here — and soon, the game will get its first expansion. As its name would imply, Paranormal is a first person horror game that puts you in a house that’s haunted by malicious spirits. Like, really haunted. Those ghosts and/or demons missed their Haunting Subtlety 101 course, because they will do anything to scare the ever living hell out of you. Like a deeply unsettling art mannequin bonfire in your living room. If that doesn’t chill you to your bones, you are a far braver person than I am.

The neat thing about this game is the scares are randomly generated, there are even multiple endings so it’s different every time you play. The expansion, dubbed The Town, follows this same rule, as it will bring an entire town that will be filled with randomly generated content. More after the break!

As far as expansions go, this one’s pretty ambitious. Here’s what it will bring with it when it releases later this year (free for those who already purchased the game):

An entire town to explore with randomly generated content.
A new storyline with new characters, including a new main character.
New gameplay mechanics (will elaborate at later date).
Still played in the found-footage style (like Paranormal Activity and Blair Witch Project).
Confirmed locations in the town currently include: A highschool.
The story will be related to the story from the base game.
If you like Silent Hill, you should be excited-that’s where we’re taking some inspiration from.
More story-driven experience while still maintaining the random nature of the game.
More features to be announced at a later date.

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