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‘Black Ops II’ Revolution DLC Brings Us One Step Closer To Getting A Standalone ‘Call Of Duty’ Zombie Game

Seriously, Treyarch, let’s drop this charade. You know it, and I know it — you need to develop a standalone zombie game. Activision recently unveiled some details on the next expansion for Call of Duty: Black Ops II, dubbed Revolution. Unlike the DLC for the previous games in the series, Revolution brings with it a brand zombie spanking new game mode called Turned. In it, players will finally be given the opportunity to play as the undead, who must hunt the lone human. The zombie that takes the poor sap down becomes human and has to defend against the coming hordes. Looks like good fun.

The DLC also adds a bunch of maps, including one called Die Rise, which takes place inside a damaged skyscraper. It’ll have a focus on verticality, so watch your footing when you’re high up. Check out a video preview of the upcoming DLC, after the jump.

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