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[Boredom Bytes] An Emotional Fan-Made Trailer For ‘The Walking Dead’, Too Many Kills In ‘Halo 4’, ‘BioShock’ Recreated In ‘Minecraft’

Hey you. How have you been? I’ve scavenged the darkest corners of the Internet again, or Youtube, rather, and like a Minecraft miner stepping out of a cave with an inventory full of diamonds, I have some treasure to share with all of you. After the break you’ll find a beautiful fan-made trailer for Telltale’s The Walking Dead, BioShock’s Rapture recreated in Minecraft, and you’ll also find out what happens when you get too many kills in Halo 4. (Spoiler: it’s not good.)

I feel like I haven’t shut up about The Walking Dead, so I’ll just say it’s amazing and if you haven’t played it yet then you really, really should. If you’re still on the fence, I recommend checking out this very well-made trailer for the game, which was crafted from one of its many fans.

I like to think that I’m pretty good at Halo. I’m not ashamed to admit that I know my k/d ratio, and one a few occasions I’ve received the coveted Killionaire medal, though sadly, in the many hours I’ve spent with the series, I’ve never achieved a Kill Nye the Science Guy.

I made a boat in Minecraft once. It was a big boat, with sails and everything. Like, Jaws would’ve been intimidated by it, that’s how big it was. Unfortunately, as proud as I am about that boat, all I have to do is look at the Minecraft PC community’s achievements to realize how horribly uncreative I am. For instance, a few guys from Hungercraft (a Hunger Games and Minecraft community) made Rapture.

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