Nine-Minute Teaser For The Devil's Carnival: Episode 2 Feat. Tech N9ne - Bloody Disgusting
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Nine-Minute Teaser For The Devil’s Carnival: Episode 2 Feat. Tech N9ne



A nine-minute teaser (courtesy of the fine folk over at Vice) entitled The Devil’s Carnival 2: The Librarian, has been released. Meant as a hint of what’s to come, the teaser is “…chock-full of visual and musical hints of the heavenly delight that awaits audiences in The Devil’s Carnival: Episode 2“.

The teaser shows horror rapper Tech N9ne as the librarian of a twisted, nightmarish library, one that is full of magic and sounds. However, N9ne isn’t exactly a fan of noises that he isn’t in control of. So let’s just say that things would’ve gone better had someone bitten their tongue. Check out the trailer below.

2013 will see a new roadshow by Saw II-IV, 11-11-11, Mother’s Day and The Barrens director Darren Lynn Bousman, who returns to direct another chapter in the battle between Heaven and Hell. Creator Terrance Zdunich (Repo! The Genetic Opera) also returns.

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