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Double Fine, Electronic Arts, And Warner Bros Could Be Potential Buyers Of THQ’s Games And Assets

The THQ many of us once knew and loved is dead. Has been for some time now actually, but now its games and assets are up for auction, or will be on January 22. Saints Row, Metro, Darksiders, Red Faction, Warhammer, Homefront… all these and more will soon go up for auction, and the list of potential buyers is growing. At least five publishers are interested in purchasing the bankrupt company’s intellectual properties when they’re auctioned off on a “title-by-title” basis. Currently, that list includes Double Fine (Brutal Legend, The Cave), Electronic Arts (Dead Space, Battlefield), and Warner Bros. (F.E.A.R., Injustice: Gods Among Us), among others.

It’s important to remember that this shouldn’t affect development of these titles, all of which are already well underway at their respective developers. THQ owned and published the IPs, but because it isn’t around to publish anymore those titles are being sold to interested publishers. You should still get your Saints Row 4 and Metro: Last Light, it just won’t have that snazzy new THQ logo in front of it.



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