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Get Your Horror Fix With The ‘Slenderman’s Shadow’ Demo Before It Releases Tomorrow

Slenderman’s Shadow is another indie horror game that features the ultra popular Slenderman, but whereas Slender: The Eight Pages took place on one map, this one comes with nine. The basics are the same: you must complete your objective, such as collect pages that have been scattered about the map, before the superbly dressed Slenderman comes and whisks you away. It doesn’t strive to add much to the fledgling Slenderman subgenre in the same way as Haunt does, but it still looks like good fun for cheap.

After the break you’ll find a pre-release trailer that features many of the game’s environments, which range from hedge mazes to empty city streets. Slenderman’s Shadow releases tomorrow, January 12, for $6.99 on PC, Mac, and Linux.

Slenderman’s Shadow is one of the many indie horror games duking it our for distribution on Steam Greenlight, you can support it here.

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