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Charles Soule Announced As New ‘Swamp Thing’ Scribe

DC Comics finally announced the Swamp Thing creative team change up to follow Scott Snyder and Yanick Paquette’s exit from the title. DC young blood writer Charles Soule will take over alongside KANO on art duties. Soule’s previous work includes “27” and “Strange Attractors”. It’s an interesting move to bring in a new guy, but he’s probably going to try to impress our pants off.

Soule told io9, “Something very cool about ‘Swamp Thing’ that I think makes the book distinct from some other superhero titles is that it has a very thoroughly developed mythology that spans back to prehistoric times. Avatars of the Green have existed as long as there has been plant life on Earth. Plus, Swampy’s powers are essentially infinite but also tightly defined – he can’t do anything that plants can’t do, and while plants can do plenty, there are also some strong limitations. I also like that Swamp Thing’s goal as an avatar of the Green isn’t necessarily to defeat or destroy – his job is to seek balance, which is cool. As a writer, all of that gives me a HUGE narrative toolbox to work with, which is inspiring. You can tell stories about some of the deepest philosophical questions mankind has ever considered, while still featuring a giant green leafy dude punching bad guys. It’s a blast!”

Soule and KANO’s first arc will pick up after Snyder and Jeff Lemire wrap up their “Rotworld” crossover. Their first issue will hit in April with “Swamp Thing” #19.



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