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If Tim Burton Made Video Games, ‘Don’t Starve’ Could Pass As One Of Them

Klei Entertainment, the team that recently brought us Mark of the Ninja is hard at work on their next project, a “wilderness survival game” called Don’t Starve. What’s most interesting to me about this game is its gorgeous hand drawn art style, which because of its dark and quirky nature makes it look like it could have easily been the work of Tim Burton. It follows “Gentleman Scientist” Wilson who has been trapped by a demon in a strange and dangerous world, forcing him to adapt to his new surroundings to survive. It’s a beautiful game, and if you’re interested I recommend pre-ordering it on Steam — it’s on sale now for $11.99, down from its usual price of $14.99 — after you watch the trailer I have waiting for you after the break.

Because Don’t Starve looks to take a few inspirations from Minecraft, creation plays an important role in this game. See some of that in action below:

Don’t Starve releases on PC in late March.

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