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Musician Flees Iran To Avoid Execution

In an effort to avoid execution, a 28-year old musician has fled Iran. He was aiming to go to Australia but was detained on Manus Island, which is part of Papua New Guinea. In a letter to, the man, who wished to not be named, explained that he finally fled the country after 60 people were arrested at an unauthorized concert. Music teachers are also being arrested.

Because heavy metal is completely prohibited and illegal in Iran, and as I mentioned before because of the religion and misjudgments, it’s known as ‘Evil Music’.” The man continues, “Government officials and the religious [authorities] who are in charge will arrest you and take you to Intelligence Department and anything can happen to you then.

In his desperation, the 28-year old sold his drums, changed his phone number, moved to a new location, and cut ties with everyone but his family. Depressed, he states, “I deleted every history of my music from my life because of my fear of being arrested by the government who were intent on stopping this music. During this time six musicians that I knew were arrested in their training place. After that no one contacted each other, even on Facebook.

Iran is known for heavy restrictions on music and dancing. Concerts are routinely shut down and concertgoers arrested.

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