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ONM Teases “Stunning” New Horror Game Reveal In February Issue

Watch out for the February issue of Official Nintendo Magazine, because ONM is teasing a brand new horror game reveal in it. “Are you scared? You should be… World Exclusive! The first look at a stunning new game.” it teases. There’s also a picture — which I have for you after the jump — that looks like a shadow of a person (ghost!) standing between a bunch of… gizmos. Not sure what’s going on there. Could it be Acid Ghost, that mysterious new IP that surfaced around E3 last year? The gizmos in the picture could be the interior or engine room of a ship, and that’s where the game was supposed to take place. Let’s all speculate after the break!

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  • Se_7_eN

    The teaser picture does remind me of Acid Ghost and here is why…

    Acid Ghost:
    – Takes place on a cruise ship.
    – You play AS the ghost.
    – You try and scare people base on their personality.

    I believe the “Are you scared? You should be..” tag line is a (very little) pun at the reader. Since the whole goal of the game is for the player to scare people… Not because the player should be scared, the game is supposed to be a “dark comedy”.

  • divisionbell

    Interesting. Acid ghost sounds just like The haunting on sega back in the day. Where you play a ghost and try to scare the people in the house. Great game!

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