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Protest The Hero Ask For $125k For New Album Via Indiegogo: Raise It In Less Than 24 Hours

Yesterday, progressive metal band Protest The Hero announced that they would not be signing to a new record label and that instead they would be recording and distributing a new album on their own. To do this, the band took to Indiegogo and asked fans to contribute a total of $125,000 (a number that I felt was quite high), which they broke down to explain each cost.

But what happened next is pretty remarkable as the goal of $125,000 was reached in less than 24 hours. The fundraiser still has another 30 days, so who knows how much more money will be raised.

It’s a rather amazing event to witness as this demonstrates how dedicated fans can and will pay for material they want when faced with the distinct and very real possibility of ultimately never getting it. After all, a band can’t record an album if they don’t have the funds.

For more information, you can watch the band’s explanation video below.

Banner photo source : Steve Haning



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  • huntermc

    I think this is really the future of the music industry. Why bother lining the bank accounts of record labels and other middlemen or taking out a loan from a bank, when the band can rely directly on their hardcore fans for funding?

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