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‘Afterfall’ Dev Reveals ‘Pearl Of The Wasteland’ Expansion, Stars Three Characters Whose Paths Will Intersect

Post-apocalyptic survival horror game Afterfall: InSanity has seen enough success on Steam to warrant an expansion, which was revealed on the game’s Steam page earlier today. Afterfall: Peal of the Wasteland will bring with it three episodes, each 1.5-2 hours in length, that feature different characters whose paths will intersect.

“Every soul perceives Pearl as something different –we want to present the same story as told by three different heroes with different motivations, experience and desires. Players [will] be able to control three different characters whose paths might cross at certain points. Although they will share a similar goal, the road, just like the Pearl itself, is unique for Reaper, Hope Iriv and Rottgar Iriv.” the dev posted in an announcement on Steam.

No word yet on when this will arrive or how much it will cost — we’ll update as soon as we find out.

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