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There Might Be A ‘Gremlins’ Reboot Coming Our Way…

Warner Bros. and Amblin might soon be dining after midnight. A few months back I spoke to original Gremlins director Joe Dante about the prospect of either a sequel or a reboot to the franchise. Things looked slightly different then and he was somewhat circumspect about the idea.

At the time Dante stated, “I haven’t had any formal talks, or even informal talks, with them about it. It’s a title in their library that sooner or later will be re-exploited. You can’t obviously do a sequel to the second picture because the cast is too old and I don’t know that that’s the way they’re thinking. I think they’d probably reboot the whole thing and start all over or go in a different direction – take the Gremlins someplace else… I do know that there have been attempts at Gremlins pictures. I know that people have gone in with pitches, but nothing has caught their eye. But I’m not positive that it’s entirely Warner Brothers’ decision. Because it’s an Amblin project, it probably has to be signed off on by Spielberg.

But now (via Vulture) that last piece may have finally fallen into place. Head inside for more…

Per Vulture, “Our sources tell us that, in keeping with Hollywood’s mandated pop culture recycling program, Warner Bros. Pictures is negotiating with Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment to reboot their 1984 horror comedy, Gremlins.
We’re also told negotiations of this sort have happened several times over the years, but making Spielberg’s deal always proved too daunting… our sources tell us that it might just actually come off this time.

If Spielberg give the thumbs up, I have no doubt that this would be made. I’d hope that Joe Dante would be involved, but I’d say that the actual chances of that happening are, sadly, slim. It’s also worth noting that this kind of news circles around every so often. Time will tell if Vulture’s sources are legit or not.



  • lovezoid

    Inevitable. I wonder if they’ll try and out-cute the original Gizmo, cos noooooooo way. Or maybe they’ll make him a gritty, brooding teen mogwai.

  • That makes me wet and causes my Gremlin to grow at the same time.

  • Se_7_eN

    It has been a while since Joe Dante has done anything that I would call “Good”… I don’t know if this is a good idea.

    • EvanDickson

      @Se_7_en I doubt he’s involved

  • ThunderDragoon

    It’s about time SOMETHING happened with Gremlins. It’s been way too long. I’ll be happy as long as they’re not CGI.

  • djblack1313

    i’d be open to this. i enjoyed the original but i’m not really in love with it or invested in it.

  • Kwonkicker


    That about sums up how I feel about this….

  • menoch

    Well, hopefully both Evil Dead and Maniac are succesful and well received by fans which, in turn, creating a template on how to make a good remake that can be followed. Only time will tell.

    • EvilHead1981

      Even if Evil Dead and Maniac are good and successful, there HAS been good, if not GREAT remakes in the past. Hell, even before the current era. Just because a remake is done right doesn’t mean it sets the mold of how remakes are made in the future. If anything, it just tells studios that remakes are still big and that they could continue on with the trend. It doesn’t tell them that they have to be good remakes, just “passable” remakes, or even mediocre remakes. The more you could halfass, skimp with the budget, hire hack writers and hack directors, the better. It’s the whole “overkill” syndrome. If a new song comes out, and it’s different than everybody else and becomes popular, other artists that have a similar sound will get signed and put out in hopes of duplicating that initial success. Hence trend is started, but it usually goes downhill from there, as it gets more and more souless on and on, until you get sick and tired of everybody pushing the trend in your face.

      • menoch

        I never said there haven’t been any good remakes. Hell, my favourite film is a remake (The Thing). I suppose i should have clarrified my comment with examples like the (majority) of Platinum Dunes remakes, The Fog, When a Stranger Calls, etc… where the film makers cashed in on the name and had no real intention of trying to make their film just a cash grab (hence why i don’t include Zombies Halloween films here, i understand why people may not like his versions but at least he tried to make his films). My point is remakes like Evil Dead, Maniac, I Spit On Your Grave, Dawn of the Dead, The Thing, The Fly were made by film makers who wanted to make those films their own, there was passion involved in making those films, not just another job. And hopefully this is the mentality they go with if they are to remake Gremlins.

  • Catastrophe

    F**k Hollywood with a rusty saw.

  • Nothing333

    If there’s a cash cow to be milked…

  • TwistedCritic

    So I guess Spielberg’s the main reason why there’s been some quality control these past 20 years? Cause otherwise I’m shocked that there haven’t been multiple cheap Gremlins sequels flooding video shelves all through the ’90s.

  • TrixieMalicious

    mixed feelings on this

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