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[Sundance ’13] Trailer For ‘Wrong Cops’ Trilogy, Starring Marilyn Manson!

The boys at Twitch have premiered the trailer for Quentin Dupieux’s Wrong Cops, which premieres as three “Chapters” at this weekend’s Sundance Film Festival.

Imagine a Los Angeles where crime is so low that a bored cop (Mark Burnham) sells drugs and harasses a teenager (Marilyn Manson) to pass the time. Shot in stand-alone chapters as it is being financed, screened, and released, Wrong Cops is gonzo filmmaking with a unique online strategy. Watch the first 45 minutes of craziness, and then dive into conversation with the cast and creative team.

Wrong Cops is written and directed by Quentin Dupieux (Rubber) and produced by Gregory Bernard. The first 45 minutes of the project (Chapter 1-3) will be showcased at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival! The other 50 minutes will be added later for its full length run.

WRONG COPS: CHAPTER 1 cast include: Mark Burnham, Marilyn Manson, Grace Zabriskie, Daniel Quinn, and Eddie Tapia

WRONG COPS: CHAPTER 2 cast include: Mark Burnham, Steve Little, Daniel Quinn, Isabella Palmier, Hillary Tuck, Alyssa Preston, Norton Leufven, Pete Cross and Steve Howey

WRONG COPS: CHAPTER 3 cast include: Mark Burnham, Steve Little, Arden Myrin, Eric Wareheim, Don Stark, Agnes Bruckner, Brandon Beemer and Jon Lajoe



  • Chris Hortola

    Like Marilyn Manson? Check out 10 Gauge Lobotomy!

  • coldblood

    I just couldn’t get into Quentin D’s other movie RUBBER. I don’t think this is going to work for me.

  • flesheater24

    this director is a whacko movie maker. I loved rubber. it was so deranged.

  • K-Dogg

    Ummm, did I read that right??? Manson as a teenager ??? WTF ?

  • Boss-Ski-Mask

    Still not gettin’ it.

  • Boss-Ski-Mask

    Also, this is probably not the best place for Quentin Dupieux.

  • lucie-with-a-gun

    lol @ mm a 44 year old teenager.

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