[Sundance ’13] First Look At The Poster For ‘We Are What We Are’!

  • horrorking95

    I still need to see the original! This looks like a wannabe!

  • Hicks

    I have watched the original and wasn’t overly impressed by it. So I would be very interested in seeing how this remake turns out, especially since I loved Stakeland so much. For once a film that actually justifies a remake in my mind.

  • Aaron Emery

    I keep forgetting about this movie. The poster is somewhat generic… Can’t say I have too much hope for this one as I really didn’t care for the original.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joshua.turney.58 Joshua Turney

    I kind of want a bowl of tomato soup now, or some v8.

  • DesignDeath

    Copy ‘A Tale of Two Sisters’ some more.

  • Michael_M

    The setting has been moved to a poor part of the Catskills region, yet cannibalism is depicted in a regal and stately manner. This seems contradictory to me.

    I really enjoyed the first film. Well acted and directed, the sense of family heightened by being shot on location which gave the story authenticity. Too often homes and communities in films are bland and homogenous.

    As I recall, they weren’t cannibals because they were poor, that was their family history. Sort of like being Christian. Now that I think of it, there’s a lot of similarity between the two.

  • Trevor Hodge

    I like the poster but don’t care to see the film. Original will do just fine for me.

  • yellowsicktoad

    I just ordered the original through Amazon.

    I found it used and cheap, so if it blows at least it’s a cheap blow.

  • HMH

    Not feeling this remake at all and this poster just seems all wrong. I really liked the original film.

  • jogurt