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This Sundance Doc Follows Several Kids Who Are Really Well-Prepared For The Zombie Apocalypse

WHEN THE ZOMBIES COME is a documentary that’s making its debut at Sundance, and also Youtube, apparently. It follows a handful of hardware store employees who are also hardcore fans of The Walking Dead. I’m a big fan too, so I can understand the love for TWD, but these people put the fan in fanatic. The film centers around their alarmingly detailed plans for surviving a zombie apocalypse. It’s obvious they put a lot of thought into it, even though I think they’ll need to work on the details a little bit — good luck surviving with “no bitches,” as they put it.

They’ve done a good job of laying out their plan; the old folk home, which will inevitably be overrun, will be used for target practice. The Quick Trip and Kroger’s will supply their taquito and frozen food reserves, and they’ve even thought of how they’ll deal with injuries, saying “if a zombie pipe goes wrong and one of us starts bleeding,” they’ll make a trip to the local CVS. You owe it to yourself to watch it. You can do so after the break.

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  • ThunderDragoon

    People really get hardcore about stuff like this! That’s crazy lol.

  • Ok….first off….If this kid thinks all these resources are going to continue to be available to him during a Zombie Apocalypse he’s insane. People are going to riot…they are going to loot places…especially gun stores, pharmacies, and grocery stores. Those will be the first places to be emptied. He does have some good ideas about using an Ace Hardware to set up camp….but I personally would not stay in any sort of populated area. The more people the worse off you are…for obvious reasons. I’d make my weapons, gather some supplies and keep on truckin’! In every zombie book I’ve read and every show I’ve seen it makes sense to stay on the move. Barricading yourself inside a place is suicide.

  • Se_7_eN

    When I was a teen I worked at an ACE Hardware… I am pretty sure every ACE Hardware in the world has teenagers that work at it and think up / do stupid plans all day long.

    We constantly pulled pranks, made fun of and tricked customers and did stupid shit all day. Also, 4 of us there had a “Ghost hunting” team… The store owner and manager (an ex lawman) would let us borrow the tools to get into abandoned places, as long as we filmed it all.

    Definitely one of my favorite jobs.

  • TrixieMalicious

    Honestly, I wouldn’t date a guy who didn’t have a zombie apocalypse plan. haha!

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