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It’s Official, Capcom Confirms ‘Resident Evil: Revelations’ Is Coming To Consoles

Hold onto your butts! Resident Evil: Revelations, arguably the best Resident Evil released last year, is coming to consoles. Mercifully, Capcom has decided to release it after the craziness that is Feb-March. Revelations will be coming to the PC, Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii U on May 21 in the states and May 24 in Europe. In an unexpected move, Capcom is making the game available digitally and on retail, only the Xbox 360 and Wii U versions will release sometime after it comes to the PS3 and PC on the 21st.

Now, before you get too excited, there is a small catch. This baby is going to run you $49.99. Yeah, that’s just $10 less than a full retail game for the port of a handheld title that’s nearly a year old now. My prediction of a $20 digital-only release was way off, it seems. Hopefully this means they’re going to do more than just port it over. If you care about them (I totally do), here’s a list of cheevos that were leaked earlier this month. Now that it’s official, is this something you’re interested in?

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