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Hell Couture: Grab Some Clothes For The Metal Loving Lady In Your Life

One of the things that I can see being really frustrating for metal loving women is the lack of merchandise options. Sure, you can get a mens small, but that doesn’t really cut it, now does it? Oh, and having underwear with the band’s name on it is cute and all, but the only person who’s going to see it is yourself and your special someone, barring a few exceptions.

No, heavy metal women want to show off their passion. They want to show off their favorite bands and scream to the world that they know their shit. And that’s where Rebecca Conrad stepped in.

Conrad has created an Etsy shop entitled Hell Couture, which specializes in metal clothing aimed at women. And it’s not bands that you can get at your local Hot Topic. No, she creates clothing for bands such as Bathory, Burzum, White Wizard, Moonblood, Leviathan, Xasthur, and much more. You can see samples of her clothing below.

Noisecreep has a great interview with Conrad that you can read here.

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