Full Dutch Trailer For Interactive Feature ‘APP’

  • Kroork

    Awful awful awful idea. The reason I don’t go to movie theaters as much anymore is because of people talking and constantly being on their cell phones. I would never go to a movie that actually Encourages you be on your phone durring the movie. Worst idea ever

  • X

    Dutch horror movies suck. Unless it made before 1990 or it has Human Centipede in the title. The idea is cool, but this looks more like a thriller than a horror movie.

    • Evil_Flip

      As a Dutchy I’m terribly ashamed of the movies our country craps out. I’m still baffled by the success of Centipede and Sint.

      • Ress EZ

        You guys got it all wrong. If you’re so ashamed of your country’s horror movies, wait until you guys check out MY country’s. Malaysia’s movie industry is littered with drama, comedy and horror movies. Not even one of them worth mentioning. Not even horror. I MEAN IT!